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Led by passionate individuals like Grace Belanger and David Howard, our collaborative spirit fuels our commitment to art and community. With a blend of expertise in design, event coordination, and customer service, each member contributes unique skills to elevate your experience. Together, we’re dedicated to supporting local artists, hosting engaging events, and creating a welcoming space where creativity thrives. Join us as we continue to celebrate art and connection in Shreveport & Bossier City.

Grace smiling in a yellow and white dress

Grace McKellar Belanger

Gallery Director

Grace McKellar Belanger brings a unique blend of passion and expertise to Waddell’s Gallery. Grace loves curating art and collaborating with creative minds, finding inspiration in the diverse perspectives and talents she encounters daily.

Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health, Grace is on a path to becoming a therapist with a special focus on art therapy for children and adults. Her dedication to this field stems from her deep love for kids and animals, believing in the profound impact that art can have on mental well-being and emotional expression.

At Waddell’s Gallery, Grace’s role as an Art Curator allows her to merge her academic pursuits with her professional life. She excels in selecting and organizing artwork that resonates with our audience, creating captivating exhibitions that showcase the depth and breadth of artistic expression.

Grace’s commitment to fostering creativity and her compassionate approach to both her work and studies make her an invaluable member of our team. She looks forward to continuing her journey with Waddell’s Gallery, enriching our community with her curatorial skills and her future endeavors in art therapy.

David Howard

Frame Shop Manager

I joined Waddell’s Gallery in 2007, drawn by the promise of mastering the trade under the guidance of seasoned professionals. Referred by a former supervisor who praised the learning opportunities here, I eagerly embraced the chance to immerse myself in the world of framing and art.

Over the years, Waddell’s has become more than just a workplace to me—it’s where I’ve truly honed my craft. The structured nature of framing appeals to my meticulous side, while the creative aspects allow me to express myself artistically. This balance keeps me passionate about my work every day.
As the Frame Shop Manager, my responsibilities are multifaceted. I oversee order intake, provide expert advice on design, requisition shop materials, and personally handle all aspects of production. My role ensures that each piece we frame meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

In addition to my duties at the Gallery, I also contribute to the Mosaic Art Group. Here, I train new employees in production and order fulfillment, sharing my knowledge and expertise in all aspects of framing. I also step in to assist with receiving materials and order fulfillment when needed, ensuring smooth operations across the board.

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