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Discover the diverse talents showcased at Waddell’s Gallery. From the bold strokes of Megan Bowden to the captivating abstracts of Megan Guidry, each artist brings a unique perspective to our vibrant community. Whether you’re drawn to Jennifer Psalmonds’ nature-inspired creations or Don Cobb’s nostalgic landscapes, there’s something for every art lover to explore. Anna-Beth Witherington’s exquisite portraits and Vanika’s daring expressions further enrich our collection, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world of creativity and inspiration. Join us in celebrating these talented individuals and discover the beauty of local art at Waddell’s Gallery in Shreveport & Bossier City.

Vanika - An Artist Unafraid to Stand Out

Meet Vanika: An Artist Unafraid to Stand Out

For the past seven years, Vanika has embraced the world of painting with open arms. What began as an unexpected journey quickly became a passionate pursuit fueled by her love for movement, sarcasm, and vibrant color.

Vanika’s art speaks volumes, quite literally. With a penchant for large-scale pieces, she aims to provoke reactions and stir emotions. Her style is ever-evolving, refusing to conform to any mold, and her choice of mediums is as diverse as her imagination.

Driven by a spirit of experimentation and a willingness to embrace trial and error, Vanika’s artistic journey has been one of discovery and growth. Through it all, she remains grateful for her fans’ unwavering love and support and acknowledges the divine guidance that has shaped her path.

Join Vanika on her artistic adventure as she defies convention and leaves her mark on the world, one bold stroke at a time.

Megan Bowden - Painting Joy and Beauty

Megan Bowdon: Painting Joy and Beauty

Megan Bowdon’s artistic journey began in childhood when she discovered a passion for creativity through drawing and painting. After pursuing a degree in Interior Design and a career in the industry, Megan transitioned to focus on raising her family.

In 2017, Megan reignited her artistic pursuits, founding Megan Bowdon Art + Design. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, Megan creates diverse artworks, from abstracts to landscapes, infused with vibrant colors and hidden details.

Combining her design expertise with her love for art, Megan crafts pieces that transform spaces, infusing joy and beauty into every room. Her goal is simple: to share her love of creativity and spread happiness through her art.

Meet Jennifer Psalmonds - Where Art and Nature Converge<br />

Jennifer Psalmonds: Where Art and Nature Converge

Jennifer Psalmonds is a Louisiana-based artist whose passion for creativity knows no bounds. Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Louisiana Tech University, Jennifer’s artistic journey has been one of exploration and inspiration.

Nature serves as Jennifer’s muse, with its majestic colors and fluid movements finding expression in her abstract masterpieces. Jennifer’s “abstract crowned women” series draws heavily from the rich artistic heritage of Sicilian art, exuding a powerful blend of strength, beauty, and fashion.

Versatility is Jennifer’s hallmark. She deftly employs a myriad of mediums and techniques to bring her visions to life, from acrylic paints and oil sticks to inks, watercolors, and collages. Jennifer’s artistic toolkit knows no bounds.

Jennifer’s work is described as spontaneous and lively, celebrating joy and vibrancy. With each brushstroke, she invites viewers into a world of boundless imagination and endless possibility, leaving an indelible mark on all who encounter her art.

Join Jennifer Psalmonds on her artistic odyssey as she continues to captivate hearts and minds with her unique blend of creativity and passion.

Don Cobb - Bringing Childhood Memories to Life Through Art<br />

Don Cobb: Bringing Childhood Memories to Life Through Art

Don Cobb’s paintings are more than just strokes of color on canvas—they’re windows into his past. Growing up in the picturesque landscapes of Louisiana and Texas, Don found inspiration in the play of light, the dance of shadows, and the vibrant colors of his surroundings.

Today, as an artist, he channels those childhood memories into his work, creating pieces that capture the essence of his upbringing. Through his art, Don aims to evoke emotions and stir memories in his viewers, reminding them of everyday life’s simple joys and beauty.

With each brushstroke, Don infuses his paintings with warmth, nostalgia, and familiarity, inviting viewers to reconnect with their cherished memories. For Don, art is not just about creating something beautiful—it’s about sharing a piece of himself and sparking a sense of belonging and happiness in others.

Megan Guidry - Exploring Abstract Beauty Through Texture and Colo

Megan Guidry: Exploring Abstract Beauty Through Texture and Color

As a self-taught abstract artist, Megan Guidry draws inspiration from her love of travel and the captivating landscapes of Louisiana. Her journey into the art world began in high school art classes, where she discovered her passion for painting.

Throughout college, Megan pursued a degree in Speech-Language Pathology while continuing to explore her artistic talents in her spare time. During this period, she delved deeper into art history and color theory, honing her skills and refining her artistic vision.

Today, Megan’s artwork reflects her creative spirit and fascination with texture, structure, shapes, and hues. She specializes in creating neutral abstracts with subtle hints of color, infusing each piece with a unique depth and intrigue.

For Megan, painting is not just a hobby—it’s a journey of self-discovery and artistic evolution. With each brushstroke, she explores new realms of creativity, embracing the joy of experimentation and the thrill of self-expression.

Anna-Beth Witherington: Capturing Life’s Essence Through Art

Anna-Beth Witherington, a local artist based in Bossier City, Louisiana, began her artistic career after earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University. She currently teaches in Bossier Parish’s Talented Arts Program.

Since 2017, she has thrived as a commission-based artist, specializing predominantly in portraits and realism. Drawing inspiration from the Old Masters and art history, her portrait work reflects a deep admiration for their techniques, which she studies and passes on to her students. Currently pursuing her MFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Anna-Beth continues to enrich her artistic repertoire and nurture her creative vision.

Megan Guidry - Exploring Abstract Beauty Through Texture and Colo

Katie Lewis: An Artistic Journey

Katie Lewis, a mother of two grown children and a flight attendant for 33 years, has a unique and inspiring artistic journey. A self-taught artist, Katie inherited her creative talent from her gifted mother, who saw beauty in everything.

Katie’s passion for art began during weekend garage sale outings with her mother, where they would refurbish “cool junk.” She started painting whimsical designs on these finds, purely for the joy of transformation.

About ten years ago, Katie’s aunt encouraged her to try canvas painting, leading her to experiment with resin and ink. Displaying her work at Kings Antiques, Katie gained confidence when a local interior designer featured her pieces in clients’ homes.

Now, Katie balances her flying career with her passion for art, working with watercolors, ink, and acrylics. Inspired by nature, she frequently paints oysters, birds, flowers, and landscapes, earning the nickname “the bird lady” for her numerous depictions of the great blue heron.

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